Solution for Banks & FinTechs: Business Digital Banking

Provide a customer-focused banking experience for your business clients, ensuring consistency across digital, mobile self-service, and banker-assisted channels. Fully customizable solution built with microservices architecture, ready to scale and grow with your business. Our mission is to streamline the go-to-market strategy and simplify product lifecycle management by providing advanced technology and tools. 

Why you should choose Be1B?

Shortest go-to-market time


Our BaaS banking platform offers unmatched scalability, keeping you up with the latest technology as you grow.
Shortest go-to-market time

Innovation at its core

Stay close to your customers by creating products and services they need while we take care of your core and keep you up with the latest technology as you grow.
Shortest go-to-market time

Banking level security

We ensure highest level of cyber security through encrypted customer data, rigorous protection of sensitive information, and compliance with PCI, DSS, and GDPR standards.

Create your own business digital bank in a matter of days

Banks and fintechs rely on the ability to deliver powerful digital experiences that attract business customers and win their loyalty. Likewise, they rely on their technology partner for the rapid deployment of new digital technology. That’s where we come in.

Account visualization

Access a detailed dashboard displaying graphical representations of various company account balances in different currencies, account transactions, card management, and notifications. It also offers real-time transaction and settlement status, providing information on the go.

Card management

Create and manage all company cards, from employee cards to setting limits, tracking detailed transactions, and gaining a comprehensive overview of expenses.

Role management

Enable administrators to efficiently assign and oversee access privileges for different users, ensuring security and compliance. This module streamlines the management of user roles, permissions, and authentication, providing a robust framework for controlling and monitoring access to sensitive financial data.


Our e-invoicing solution can be seamlessly integrated with your e-banking platform, allowing you to offer business invoicing services to your users and providing them with a streamlined experience.

Multifunctional CRM

Control everything from the Back-Office, which provides a comprehensive view of all user activities within their business account. It serves as the central management hub (cockpit) for overseeing operations, user transactions, accounts, and card activities, encompassing all data including KYB/AML management.

Customer onboarding

Business customers undergo a paperless, fully digital, and secure KYB onboarding journey, streamlining the process and ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Case study: Scalable business digital banking platform

The business digital banking platform, offers a scalable solution for both freelancers and enterprises. For freelancers, it provides a user-friendly mobile application for easy account management, international payments, and currency conversions. The platform ensures compliance with various financial regulations across different countries, allowing freelancers to easily open and manage their accounts from anywhere. Scalable solution from freelancers and digital nomads to enterprises that need more functionality to be built in.

For bigger enterprises the platform offers tailored solutions, including multi-currency corporate accounts, customizable payment approval workflows, automated expense categorization, and integration with popular accounting softwares.

Our client´s journey with us

Shortest go-to-market time

Start of project

Determining the process of your solution and establishing legal & compliance roadmap.
Shortest go-to-market time

UI/UX prototype

Turning the spec into a prototype to ensure an intuitive and engaging user experience that aligns with your brand identity.
Shortest go-to-market time


The development of your tailor-made platform is followed by rigorous testing until the platform reaches its final, polished state.
Shortest go-to-market time


Your platform is ready to be launched for the public.
core banking

Core Banking Platform

Introducing our core banking system, Cambilo. Access a comprehensive suite of banking services, including deposit accounts, loans, reporting, accounting and more AI powered tools not seen in the financial sector before, all from one place. With a user-friendly interface and robust security features, our core banking system empowers financial institutions to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and drive growth. Whether you’re a bank or a fintech our customisable solution can be tailored to fit your specific requirements. Experience the power of seamless integration, real-time processing, and unprecedented efficiency with Cambilo - next generation core banking system.


We offer multi-currency and real-time accounting of financial transactions in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The module also houses a bank’s general ledger, which tracks all transactions across your bank and makes settlements between accounts, simplifying the process of tracking and calculating daily balances (such as deposits, withdrawals, fee payments, outstanding loan amounts, etc.).


As part of the BI (business intelligence), our reporting model is anchored in 3d data cubes enabling real-time reporting directly on your BI dashboard. Get more insights with access to predefined banking reports or create fully customised reports to address your unique requirements ensuring streamlined operational decision-making and strategic planning. Our reports offer exceptional drill-down capabilities, including a dynamic addition of any KPI widget.
Launch your banking solution within a few days.